TotsBots Day to Night Pad

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Absorbent pads to be used in conjunction with the PeeNut Wrap. Can be used 3 different ways for light, medium or heavy wetters. Contents 1 x set of 3-in-1 PeeNut Pads (2 pads). We recommend 2 x sets of 3-in-1 Pads per PeeNut wrap.

  • Made up of two pads (light and medium) that can be used separately or popped together for flexible absorbency and fit.
  • Slim fit and fast drying, use day or night.
  • For light wetters: Use the smaller pad for newborns during the day
  • For medium wetters: Use the larger pad for newborns at night and during the day once baby needs it
  • For heavy wetters: Pop both small and large pads back together for maximum absorbency once baby is doing power wees.

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