Sloomb Back Pocket Merino Wool Hikers

HKD 780.00

These are perfect in all seasons to pair with a fitted diaper as a lanolized wool cover, or over any diaper for a soft, breathable and versatile pair of shorts. Merino wool is the highest quality wool for your baby's delicate skin, and has natural anti-microbial properties as well as being very breathable for good temperature moderation in all seasons

Hikers have a similar fit to Sloomb Baseshorties, while being roomier in our larger knit with a half-back elastic waist and drawstring front. Patent Pending 2015.

Content: 100% öko-tex certified merino wool, half-back elasticized waistband, drawstring front.

Care: hand wash, lanolize if using Hikers as a cloth diaper cover, lay flat to dry – do not machine wash.

Size Chart

size approx inseam avg height avg weight avg age
0-6 mo 1 1/2" 18-26 in 6-15 lbs 0-6 months
6-18 mo 1 3/4" 26-34 in 15-25 lbs 6-18 months
18-24mo 2" 34-38 in 25-30 lbs 18 months - 2.5 yrs
3T-4T 2 1/2" 38-44 in 30-40 lbs 2.5-4 years
4T-5T 2 3/4" 40-44.5 in 40-48 lbs 4-5.5 years

Responsibly machine knit in China, öko-tex certified wool yarns.

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