One-Size Cloth Nappy Trial Pack

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Pocket diapers. AIO. AI2. Shells. Inserts. Liners.

Are you a bit overwhelmed by all the options in the crazy world of cloth diapering? We get this question, "what's best?", all the time and our response is always - every baby is unique and the best is to try a few different brands and styles and find the one that suits you and your baby best, and then stock up on those! 

We've put together a pack of 3 of our favourite newborn-appropriate cloth nappies with built-in savings - the covers, the inserts - everything you need - to find out what works for you! A note on sizing, many One-Size diapers advertise fit from 6-8lbs up, but in our experience, One-Size diapers fit best from about the age of 2-3 months or roughly 10lbs up. If you're looking for Newborn options, check out our Newborn Trial Pack!

What's included:

1 x AppleCheeks One-Size Cover (fits 6-35lbs+) 

1x AppleCheeks Single Bamboo Insert 2-Ply

1x GroVia One-Size AIO (fits 8-40lbs+) 

1x Best Bottom One-Size Snap Shell (fits 10-35lbs+) 

1x Best Bottom Medium Bamboo Insert 

Colors/prints will be chosen based on availability, but you may leave a request and we will try our best to fulfil your wishes!

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