Leander Hanging Cradle

HKD 2,600.00

This is the ultimate space-saver for small rooms and acts as a 2-in-1 bedside cradle and rocker. Hung from a ceiling hook or resting in its frame, the cradle is fixed to a single point. There’s freedom of movement in all directions. Relaxes you child, and stimulates her or his senses, balance and motor skills.

The oval shape of the Leander cradle encloses the baby and creates a safe, little space, which is especially important for newborns to feel secure and sleep soundly. With a gentle push, the oval cradle is set in movement and your child will feel the familiar and rocking sensation known from the time in the belly. Your baby can set the cradle into slight motion, and amazingly, that is a form of self-soothing to help your baby go from one sleep cycle to the next on their own!

Includes one cradle, foam mattress and ceiling hook

Delivery not available to outlying islands. Pick up available from Petit Tippi showroom in Sai Ying Pun with coupon code PICKUP at check out

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