Bibs Natural Rubber Pacifier (2-Pack) - Rust/Smoke

HKD 120.00

Moms love Bibs Pacifiers because they are a high-quality natural product, they are beautiful, they are breastfeeding friendly, and most importantly, because their babies love it!

The cherry-shaped teat is more similar to the breast than any other type of dummy

The teat is made from 100% natural latex (rubber) and as such is softer and more flexible than other pacifiers. It's a wonderful velvety soft texture that babies love. 

The shield is made from Polypropylene, which is a robust and lightweight plastic material. It is gently outwards curved to prevent skin irritation with the movement of the pacifier while sucking. It is equipped with air holes and a security handle.

Size 1: 0-6 months

Size 2: 6-18 months

Size 3: 18months+

Made to European safety standards in Denmark

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