AppleCheeks Sized Cloth Diaper Bamboo Starter Kit

HKD 820.00

Not sure you're ready to commit to cloth diapers just yet? Our AppleCheeks starter kit is the perfect way to get your feet wet and to convince yourself that cloth is the way to go! Makes for a great gift or if you're looking to build your stash! AppleCheeks is one of our customer-favourite pocket diapers! 

Kit includes:
3 x AppleCheeks Envelope Covers

2 x 2-ply rayon from bamboo inserts

1 x 3-ply rayon from bamboo inserts

Bamboo inserts are great for absorbency while the microfleece layer on the pocket cover keeps your baby's bum dry, so you get best of both worlds! 2-ply is great for daytime, while 3-ply is absorbent enough for naps and nighttime. If you have a heavy-wetter, layer a 3-ply and a 2-ply on top of each other, put into the pocket and you have a bullet-proof solution! 

Diaper Cover and Storage Sac colors come in gender neutral colors from stock that is available, but if you have a preference from the regular lineup we will endeavour to fulfill your requests! Just let us know in the notes!

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