AppleCheeks SipZip - Samoa

HKD 60.00

Zero waste living with your little one just got cuter! Bring your own kid-friendly silicone straws when you leave your home for the whole family so that you never need to use another single use plastic or paper straw again! You can also bring your toddler's favourite utensils in this easy, sanitary pouch with cute designs and beautiful colours for the whole family. They're also great for the family's toothbrushes when you travel

AppleCheeks' SipZips are water and grease resistant so they'll keep your straws and utensils clean, as well as your diaper bag or purse. They're easy to wash and very durable too. This is an easy switch you can make in your household to leave a smaller footprint on this planet! 

The SipZip is FDA-certified food-safe!

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