When you wrap your baby in a Wrapsody Baby Carrier, you are wrapping them in a mother’s embrace — designed by a mother for her own babies to high standards. When your baby chews on our carriers or lays her head against the folds of fabric, she is embraced by a product designed with love and attention to safety and quality.

Wrapsody embodies all the qualities that we value, and we love its story. The products are designed and created by a single mom who realized the value of babywearing to calm a fussy baby and keep them close while giving you the flexibility to use both your arms and stay mobile. We've all been there - too many things to do, but nowhere to put your crying baby down so that you can do anything, ANYthing! Wrapsody's wraps not only solve that problem with their beautiful carriers, but does it in a socially responsible, sustainable and safe manner. The Wrapsody Breeze and Stretch fabrics are hand sewn and batiked by a business owned by a single mother in Bali. The Water Wrap "Duo" fabric is also made by a business owned by a single father in the U.S.

But besides all of this, we think that with a little bit of practice, this is the ideal solution for life in a place like HK - too bumpy for strollers and too hot for other carrier models. We need something that's breathable for the heat and flexible to carry in different ways to cater to your baby's support needs from birth to toddlerhood. Something you can take your baby to the beach in is a plus!

Don't know which Wrapsody to get? This should help!

Wrapsody Baby Wrap Carriers