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Swim Diapers

Your precious little ones are sure to swim in style with our ultra-cute and eco-friendly range of swim diapers, carefully handpicked from premium-quality and organic brands that are internationally-renowned and loved in Hong Kong. 

Why should you choose reusable instead of disposable swim diapers? Because reusable swim diapers are more effective than disposable diapers, and they’re easier to clean. Disposable swim diapers soak up all the pool water instantaneously and cannot hold any pee. Cleaning poo out of a soggy disposable diaper is also a messy affair, whereas reusable diapers simply do what they do best in containing poop with gentle, yet effective elastics around the legs and waist to keep your pools and beaches clean. Reusable swim diapers also save tons of non-degradable waste from the landfills in Hong Kong and are a far more stylish option. Starting an eco-friendly lifestyle at a young age with swim diapers couldn’t be simpler or more stylish than it is with our swimwear range, which comprises a vast variety of premium brands - it’s swimwear with a conscience.

Regardless of the season, activity or event, whether you’re travelling abroad or simply swimming at your local beach, we have the perfect swim diaper for your baby. Available on our online Hong Kong store, our wide range of specially designed UPF50+ swimwear for baby boys and girls includes washable and reusable swim diapers, swim shirts, rash guards, one-piece swimsuits, bikinis for older children, swim hats and wet/dry bags to carry it all.

For the little fashionistas in the making, Folpetto, an Italian brand offers a playful range of functional, eco-friendly and ever-chic swimwear specially designed using fabrics made from recycled post-consumer plastic like fish nets, for both a seamless fit and ultra-comfort. Aside from swim diapers, our UPF50+ swim shirts from Folpetto ensure your baby is kept safe from potential sun damage and provide immense sun protection, while their quick dry, lightweight fabric makes it easy to pack for the pool or the beach, and keep your little one playing with the utmost comfort. Our favorite feature of their rash guards is the front-zip, so you don’t have to pull wet rash guards over their heads. It’ll be as if your children are always on vacation with plenty of frills, vivacious colours and chic designs!

Starting swim classes at Harry Wright? We carry the Happy Nappy and everything you need for the required two-layer swim nappy system required by most swim schools in Hong Kong.

Shop the complete range below, we offer fast delivery for our swim diapers and more within Hong Kong – find out more here.


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