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Sippy & Straw Cups


Make sipping a fun, easy and vibrant experience for your baby with our smart and colourful range of sippy cups, straw cups and related accessories, which are made from premium-quality and safe materials to prevent spillage and help wean your little one from the bottle.

SiliSkin is one of our favorite innovative and eco-friendly brands. They produce products such as sippy cups and straw cups that are great for your baby and the whole family. Their silicone straws come in fun colors, different heights and even extra wide ones for bubble tea and smoothie lovers. Silicone is made of a naturally occurring resource and is less prone to mold, and is soft so less prone to accidents or heat transfer. This really is the best eco-friendly reusable straw option for the whole family!

Don’t have the right cup? No problem, because with the inventive SiliSkin universal sippy cup tops made with 100% easy-to-clean, environmentally friendly and baby safe silicone - all you need is the lid! These smart sippy or straw tops are compatible with any sized cup thanks to their stretchy silicone design, which expands and grips over the top. No more leakage from sippy or straw cups into your diaper bag, or messy spills at the restaurant – just bring the top and fit it over any cup! 

With the all-new spill-free WOW CUP range, sippy cups have never been so easy or so much fun! These translucent tumblers are available in a wide range of bright colours, and are easy to clean, assemble and most definitely, sip from even for little babies! Sippy cups are perfect for the baby who refuses to take a bottle and prefer to go straight to a cup. 

Our curated range of sippy cups, straw cups and related products for your baby comes from a carefully chosen range of distinguished brands that we love!

Shop our complete collection of baby training sippy cups and other products for your baby online. For orders within Hong Kong, we offer fast shipping, find out more here.

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