GroVia O.N.E Soaker Set

HKD 115.00

You can now buy the same buttery-soft Soakers that are included with a standard O.N.E. Diaper, separately! Our new O.N.E. Soaker Sets include one large and one small Soaker that can be used individually or together for maximum absorbency. O.N.E. Soaker Sets are perfect for replacing current Soakers or having extra absorbency on hand for any diaper. Keep a spare set of GroVia's legendary O.N.E. soaker set handy while you're stripping or giving your inserts some natural under-the-sun bleach time!

Please note that O.N.E. Soakers do not snap into the GroVia Hybrid System. 

Made of 100% cotton and topped with stay-dry microfleece

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