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ChuChu Baby

We love Chu Chu bottles because they simulate breastfeeding in allowing your baby to control the flow of breastmilk. Their unique super cross-cut nipple is one of a kind, and also allows milk to flow based on how hard your baby sucks. When babies are small, you want a slow flow teat so that they won’t choke on milk that’s flowing too quickly, or get used to milk coming out too easily, which leads to nipple confusion. As they grow older and stronger, they can drink much faster and ChuChu bottles take the guess work out of when to size up as it adjusts to your baby.

The innovative teat is also leak-free, pressure-stabilizing, and comes with a breastfeeding version that is extra soft, just like mama’s nipple. Bottles come in narrow or wide neck, PPSU and glass options to suit your preferences.

These bottles are suitable for newborn babies up until your toddler is reading to wean from the bottle.

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