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Baby and toddler safe disinfectants for the home and while out and about, developed and made in Singapore. Pocket Spray Disinfectants that are non-toxic and alcohol-free are essential in protecting your baby from harmful bacteria and viruses and in a convenient travel size. Prevent hand foot mouth disease with the BioActive range.

BioCair developed a revolutionary ion-energizing technology to create BC-65. The BC-65 technology is based upon how the human immune system fights bacteria and germs to protect and heal the body to create BC-65 solution. BC-65 solution utilizes 65 ion-energizing technologies yet remains non-toxic and safe for daily use. It is used to kill bacteria and germs before they enter the body, a new line of defence to assist the body in staying healthy. The BC-65 solution is non-toxic, non-irritant and safe to use around children.

BioCair®, the only non-toxic disinfection company that kills 99.999% of Airborne and Surface Germs within 60-seconds of contact.

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