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Breast Pump

At Petit Tippi, we are advocates for breastfeeding and want to support you in your breastfeeding journey. Whether you’re working, traveling, looking after other children or otherwise, nursing is not always possible, and we have first-hand experience with that. We strive to provide innovative and safe breast pumps and pumping products to help you with expressing breastmilk for your baby.

To assure a smooth breastfeeding process for any mom and her baby, we present innovative ergonomic, safe and environmentally-friendly breast pumps that both you and your baby can count on. They are portable, efficient, suitable for travel and workplace-friendly.  

One of our most innovative breast pumps is the Haakaa silicone breast pump, designed by an eco-friendly and natural baby product brand based in New Zealand. It not only catches milk from let-down while your baby nurses, it uses suction power to extract milk without a motor, so it’s quiet and portable. Now you can nurse and pump at the same time!

For when you’re on the go, there’s a new spill-free solution that’s compatible with your Youha breast pump. Youha’s ‘The One’ hands-free milk collection cups from Youha are expertly designed as an efficient alternative to having a hands-free bra. Though if you do prefer the traditional choice, we also stock a convenient, hands-free pumping bra from Simple Wishes that is adjustable in size and essential for multi-tasking, all available online.

Browse our wide range of breast pump products online here. For any order within Hong Kong, we offer fast shipping because we know your baby’s needs can’t wait - find out more now.

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