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Breastfeeding Products

We understand that being a new parent can be stressful and the realities of breastfeeding are not always well understood before the journey begins.

At Petit Tippi, we’re here to make it easier for you to achieve your breastfeeding goals. We know first-hand what working, traveling breastfeeding moms need, and we know how important it is to offer breastfeeding products online during the most critical periods of building milk supply and weaning from the breast onto a bottle. Through our specially curated range of products to support breastfeeding, now you can instantly find the latest and most innovative breastfeeding aids online, delivered straight to you, while you focus on looking after your baby’s feeding needs.

We have an exceptional assortment of breastfeeding aids, which include , nursing necklaces, nipple shields, nursing pads,  breastfeeding-friendly pacifiers, and much more. For the occasions when nursing is not convenient or possible, we also carry breast pumps and breastfeeding-friendly bottles and accessories, such as breastmilk storage bags, breastmilk collection bottles, breastfeeding friendly PPSU, glass and silicone baby bottles, variety of breast shields, sterilizing tablets for travel, and more.

We carry a widely acclaimed assortment of leading brands including Comotomo,  Nuk,  ChuChu, Ola Baby, Medela, Youha and much more. We bring the best brands from all around the globe straight to your door. We pride ourselves in offering natural, organic and eco-friendly products to ensure a healthier, safer and better lifestyle for you and your family.

Shop the complete collection of breastfeeding products online below, we also offer fast shipping for all orders within Hong Kong - find out more here.

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