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Baby Bottles

Breastfeeding is not an easy feat and at Petit Tippi, we have first-hand experience with bottle rejection and managing the delicate balance between direct nursing and bottle feeding. We also know first-hand what working and traveling breastfeeding moms need. That’s why we have curated a selection of breastfeeding-friendly baby bottles that we’ve tried and tested, and that have worked for our babies.

Our baby bottles are made with premium-quality, safe materials and are market-leaders in innovation to help with common issues like colic and nipple confusion, as well as bottle rejection. They will help you mimic the feel of nursing with mama as closely as possible so that your baby makes an easy transition between nursing and bottle feeding.

Our latest addition is the beautifully pastel-colored baby bottles from Ola Baby. These baby bottles are ergonomic, lightweight, smooth and safe, while their colours are visually-stimulating. As a distinguished feature, the ‘Baby Gentle’ bottle has an off-centred nipple design, which cleverly mimics natural breasts. They also feature 100% non-toxic silicone body and teat, an integrated dual-venting and anti-colic system and a wide neck to enable easy cleaning.

Who ever said baby bottles couldn’t be smart, ergonomic and incredibly stylish? With Comotomo bottles, you truly can have the best of all worlds. The Comotomo silicone baby bottles are a favorite among babies all over the world, with their round, comforting shape and clever non-leaking dual air vents to prevent colic in babies. 

ChuChu is a household favorite with its innovative, Japanese-made breastfeeding nipple that is truly variable in flow. The harder your baby sucks, the faster the milk flows, so there’s no need to guess which teat is appropriate for your baby or when to size up. It allows your baby to control the flow of milk, just like while nursing with mama.

Just like a mother’s nipple, the ‘Simply Natural’ baby bottles from Nuk are simply brilliant, featuring multiple holes in the teat, (just like mama’s nipples). Nuk, a longstanding and internationally-renowned brand established in 1956, design the product solutions that parents can count on at an affordable price point.

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