Eco-friendly baby shower

Congratulations! You’ve got a little bun in the oven. Hooray!

Now that you’ve shared the good news with someone you care about (whether it's your partner, a family member or a friend) everyone now looks forward to celebrating you as parents-to-be and of course, they can't wait for the arrival of your little one.

But what is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a celebration for expectant parents to celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. It is typically held during the last trimester of pregnancy and is typically attended by family and friends. The main purpose of the baby shower is to provide expectant parents with gifts, advice, and support to help them prepare for their new baby. But how do we make it eco-friendly? Let’s find out! Baby Gift Hamper

Create an Eco-Friendly Registry

Gift registries are an easy way to help people know what gifts you want for your baby. This allows your family and friends to choose from items on your list. It takes the guesswork out of shopping for your little one and helps ensure you receive the items you need or want and no duplicates.

Sending electronic invitation to guestsElectronic Invitations

Rather than printed invitations, why not use electronic ones? With e-invites, you aren't using paper; thus, you aren't wasting natural resources and you don’t need to ship it, reducing shipping costs and carbon emissions. E-invites aren't just greener, they are also cheaper.

Plastic free table settingGo Plastic Free

Aside from tableware, keep your decorations plastic free by using natural flowers and plants instead of balloons. You can also use items such as string lights, paper lanterns, and fabric banners to decorate the space. Use cloth tablecloths instead of plastic; they are nicer and can be reused.

vegan foodFood

There are several ways you can provide a more sustainable baby shower food and drink. If you’re using a caterer choose someone who uses organic and locally sourced produce. Local produce is likely to be fresher, tastes better, and generates less transportation pollution.

If you’re taking care of the food yourself, consider choosing plant-based options. Plant-based foods are often better for the environment because they require fewer resources to produce than animal-based foods. And be sure to avoid single-use plastics. Instead, opt for reusable dishes, utensils, and cups. 

guess the baby food gameGames

If you would like your baby shower to be an eco-friendly one, you should steer clear of games that get thrown away in the trash. Instead, opt for guessing games instead.

Handmade soap party favorParty Favors

Baby shower favors are a great way to thank guests for their attendance, support, and thoughtful gifts. Some of our favorite eco-friendly gifts are candles, homemade soaps and bath salts.

Baby shower ootdOutfit

You've been planning this party for weeks now, so let’s not forget your outfit for this special day. Instead of buying new clothes, you can style your current ones or look for something secondhand or vintage that is often much cheaper than buying new.


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