Petit Tippi comes to HK!

Greetings dear shoppers and fellow parents of HK! First of all, happy new year and thank you for visiting our shop, we're so happy that you're here! Petit Tippi was born of two moms' quest to find the best products for their babies and when we realized that most of the products they were after were not available (yet!) in HK, they decided to do everyone a favour and make that happen. We're looking for products that are natural, organic, eco-friendly and promote nature's best gifts as we truly believe it's the best we can offer our children, but also what's best for our Earth's sustainability. It's been a journey to get the shop up and running over the last few months and we've already learned so much, but we have so much enthusiasm for what we can bring here that we're energized to push forward everyday to get those products and brands on board so that we can bring them to your homes at fair and honest prices. Our search for the "best" products is continual and we recognize that every parent and every child has individual needs and wants, so we'd like to bring you choice as well.

We've launched the shop with a Canadian cloth diapering brand that we love and we're excited to show you what they have to offer! AppleCheeks, while popular amongst parents in North America and regularly receive great reviews on Youtube for their quality, versatility, cuteness and great fit, seem to be under-recognized in Asia, so we've made it our first mission to change that! The team, based in Montreal, Canada, has been super wonderful and helpful, so we'd like to thank them too for being so accommodating in building this international partnership and in getting their products out to us so quickly. We offer the full range of cloth diaper envelopes in size 1 & 2 in solids as well as adorable prints, along with an extensive range of complimentary accessories, cleansing sprays and even swim diapers! 

As a sneak peak into what we hope to be able to offer in the pipeline are more cloth diaper choices to fit your individual needs, yummy organic body and skin care products from mama and baby, soft and silky smooth bamboo cotton linens, and so much more!

If you have a recommendation for us, whether it be how the shop is run or products and brands you'd like to see us carry, we are all ears! Send us a mail at or write a review. There's no better way to discover that next amazing secret find than from other moms and dads who've done their own research and have tested and fallen in love with the products themselves!

Now I bid you happy shopping and thank you again for your support! 

Vicki & Zoe

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