Maternity Tailorbird Shoot with Nestology (45 mins)

Being pregnant is a wonderful experience and a major milestone in a woman's life. It is exciting and overwhelming at the same time, especially for first time moms. And that is normal as you wait 40 weeks for the arrival of your little one. While everyone's experience is unique, there are some common challenges that women face such as morning sickness, fluid retention, food cravings, stretch marks and swollen feet.

To help ease your pregnancy experience, here are our top 10 picks for expecting mamas that we, ourselves, and our customers love and trust!


1. Support Pillow

Your belly will start to expand and get heavier, making it difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep in. Some experts do not recommend sleeping on your back because you risk constricting vessels and arteries that supply blood to your baby. Tummy sleeping is obviously uncomfortable so it's suggested to sleep on your side and that's where pregnancy support pillows come in handy. Red Castle Big Flopsy Maternity and Nursing Pillow will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and during those special moments after birth. It will give you a feeling of comfort and well-being. Another favourite of ours is Snuggle Me Organic Feeding + Support Pillow. What we love about it is its versatility. You can use it for nursing, bottle feeding, lumbar support for mama, sitting up and tummy time support for baby and much more.


2. Maternity Bra

During pregnancy, your breasts will grow at least one cup size as they begin producing milk. Bra extenders give you a bit of extra room but if you're planning to breastfeed, you may consider purchasing a nursing bra. Bravado Designs Plunge Nursing Bra is a great option as it provides a smooth contour without compromising flexibility. With a luxuriously soft, seamless stretch fabric and sewn-in foam cups, this design adjusts to your body and hugs your shape throughout pregnancy and nursing for 24/7, 365 wear.


3. Luxurious Bamboo Bedding Set

You deserve it, mama! Because of hormonal changes, pregnant ladies can feel extra hot and uncomfortable, so in order to have a good night's sleep, you want to sleep on silky, thermoregulating bedsheets! Naked Lab Organic Bamboo Silk Adult Bedding Set makes bedding for the whole family (which we personally love!) in gorgeous colors. They are made from 100% organic bamboo lyocell that’s extremely breathable, thermoregulating, and hypoallergenic. Parents also love Naked Lab's crib sheets for their baby's sensitive skin, especially eczema prone skin. 


4. Stretch Mark Oil

As your baby grows and your pregnancy progresses, your skin stretches to accommodate a growing bump which can lead to stretch marks. It. Is. Itchy! To help prevent stretch marks from forming, we recommend using All Things Jill Mama Mia Stretch Mark Oil. It is formulated with healing, lubricating oils of Avocado, Evening Primrose, and Vitamin E, enriched with signature Skin Tight Essential Oil blend. The concentration of oils in this product helps to prevent stretch marks from forming - all you need to do is roll onto any stretch marks that are forming or already present.


5. Siliskin Cups & Straws

Feeling extra thirsty during pregnancy is completely normal and it's important to stay hydrated as it supports baby's development. Whether you are on-the-go, in the great outdoors or staying home, SiliSkin GoSili Silicone Straw Cup is your perfect drinking companion. It’s an easy, sustainable solution to kicking the single-use cup habit.


6. Nursing Pads

If you're a first time mom, you might be surprised to learn that you will start leaking in your third trimester. We recommend wearing breast pads or nipple pads to help absorb any leaks. Milk Train Bamboo Nursing Pads provide maximum absorbency to ensure no leaking on your bra or favourite clothing.


7. Gift Registry

With the baby on the way, you may feel overwhelmed with everything that's going on. Having a baby registry helps keep your journey in parenthood organised and stress free plus you'll be receiving gifts that you actually want. Your gifters will also be able to see what you already have so there will be no duplicates. If you're unsure whether you should setup a baby registry or not, here are our 5 Reasons Why You Should Make a Baby Registry. If you are ready, you can start your Gift Registry now!


8. Meal Plan

Craving certain foods is one of the most common symptoms during pregnancy. Eating healthy and having a balanced diet is essential to ensure your baby develop in the optimal nutritional environment. Eatology can help expecting mamas prepare a meal plan for you and your growing baby. They provide you with premium quality food choices that are as flavourful as they are healthy. When you are on-the-go, Planet Wise Leakproof Combo Bag is perfect to store food or pack a lunch without worrying about leaks or maintaining freshness.

*Eatology meal plans especially designed for new mamas will be available soon at Petit Tippi - stay tuned!


9. Maternity Shoot

A maternity shoot is a beautiful way to celebrate this special time of your life. The standard time frame for taking maternity shoot is around 28 to 36 weeks. However, every woman is different. As long as you still feel comfortable and can still walk around, you can book your Maternity Tailorbird Shoot with Nestology and capture some precious moments of your pregnancy with the amazingly talented Samantha Fong.

*Package includes 45-minute session at location of choice and 30 carefully edited digital images via an online gallery


10. Eco-Friendly Hospital Bag

As your due date gets closer, it's important to have a hospital bag ready to go. This includes items for labour, delivery and after delivery. If you're unsure what should be included in your hospital bag, check out our Hospital Bag Essentials to help you pack the essential items you will need to welcome your little one. Alternatively, we have pre-packed a Hospital Essentials Pack and Hospital Essentials Lite Pack that includes all the must-haves you'll need for the first few days at the hospital and once you get home. It includes eco-friendly items that are all packed and ready to go!

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