5 Reasons Why You Should Make A Baby Registry

You just started sharing the good news of a little bun in the oven on the way, and you're already super excited about shopping for your little bubba! You've started learning about everything there is to learn about babies and what they need, and your friends are already telling you all the things they'll hand down to you. It is SO overwhelming! But we got you! First thing you need to do is setup a Baby Registry at Petit Tippi, and we'll tell you why

Baby Registries aren't the norm in all cultures. In some cultures baby gifts are given before the baby arrives, so parents are ready for their little one's arrival! In other cultures, gifts are offered after baby arrives, and in others sometimes when the baby is 100 days old. Maybe you're a bit bashful about being presumptuous that anyone will give you a gift, but that's ok - here are 5 reasons why a baby registry will be useful no matter what culture dictates

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1. You'll be able to manage a super organized shopping list

There are so many wonderful products for parents and babies these days, it's hard to keep track of what you need, what you want, what you have and what you don't! Making a baby registry helps you see at a glance what and how many you need of each item, so you don't over or under-prepare for the arrival of your baby. Petit Tippi is a great place to make your registry because we have a huge selection of essentials that have already been curated for style, function, quality and being healthy for your family and the environment. 

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2. You'll receive what you want

Getting something that just isn't your style and you're not likely to use just is just a huge bummer for everyone. Make your gift registry and tell people what you like so that they can get you something you and baby will make good use of and love. We get it, you're shy about telling friends and family what you want. If you prefer, get a close friend or family member to share your list - you'll be surprised how many people would love to get something to show how happy they are for you. 

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3. You won't get duplicates

I have yet to come across a parent who has never received a duplicate gift or something they already have - it happens all the time! With your baby registry, you can keep track of how many of each item you want, and your gifters will be able to see that you already have something they may have been planning to get for you, and can get you something you'll make better use of instead. 

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4. Some of your gifters need some guidance

Everyone wants to get you something that you'll love and use often, especially every time you see them! Some friends and family members have never had babies and will have no idea what's useful or good. Make their lives easier by telling them exactly what you'd like to receive - they will appreciate it! 

Photo credit: nestologystudio (psst, you can even add a maternity or newborn photoshoot package with Nestology Studio to your registry!)

5. Be Prepared

As your due date draws closer, you will be going through a roller coaster of emotions from excitement to fear to anxiety. Rest easy knowing that you've thought through, prepared and have or will be receiving everything you need for the first weeks and months of your little newborn's life. From nursery furniture like cribs and moses baskets, to essentials like strollers and breast pumps, to the very-nice-to-haves like sleep nests and cloth diapers, you will find it all at Petit Tippi so you're prepared for your baby whenever he or she decides to make their appearance! Once baby arrives, spend all your energy and time on cuddles and taking care of each other

Best Baby Registry Hong Kong Whether you plan on throwing a baby shower or plan to ever send your baby registry to anyone, it's good to set one up to help keep your journey in parenthood organized and stress free. As soon as you come across a nifty new product, add it to your baby registry straight away and you can always review and revise throughout your pregnancy journey. Congratulations mama and papa, we're so excited for you and always here if you need any help putting your list together! 

Don't know what to add into your Registry? Start with the Newborn Essentials section!

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