With my Youha Ins

I just got the Youha Ins, absolutely LOVE it! I used the Youha The One before, preferred it over the Medela, but with working fulltime it was a hassle with cables, tubes, assembly and not being mobile.

The Ins take all that away - I now don’t have to think where I am or what I’m doing. They are quiet too (more so than the regular Youha), so less strange looks at the office when I’m at my desk. I’ve walked around Central with it, took the MTR, such a game changer!

I do one side at a time, seem to be getting out more with the In than when I was double pumping with the regular Youha. It does mean that getting both sides done takes twice as long, however now without any restrictions there is less of a time constraint.

The battery lasts quite long, I’ve done 4 pumps without charging but I have to mention that when I am at my desk I sometimes plug it into my laptop to charge whilst pumping. It’s also super easy to assemble and clean.



Easy, right? You can't even tell that I'm pumping!