How find the right size breast pump flange

Using the right breast shield or flange size with your pump not only ensures a more comfortable pumping experience, but a more efficient pump session too.

If the breast shield size is too big or too small, you may experience chafing on your nipples or discomfort while pumping. If you’re finding that you don’t express much breast milk with your pump, this is one of the easy things you can check to see if you can improve your yield. When you have the right size, you’ll have a better seal and the right part of your breast will be stimulated. 

24mm is often the standard measurement that will come with your breast pump out of the box, but if you have doubts, measure yourself and try another size

Where to measure

Many mamas have the misconception that you should be measuring the diameter of your areola or the length of your nipple. It’s actually a very simple measurement of the diameter at the base of your nipple, easiest done measuring left to right on the underside of the nipple

Your nipple size will change during your pump session

Usually during pumping your nipples will enlarge slightly, that’s why you should ideally measure when your nipples are upright, perhaps after a couple minutes of warm-up pumping, or you can add a couple mm to your nipple measurement.

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Breast Shield and flange sizing info graph

Graphic by Alyssa Kiefer at Healthline Parenthood