Yummy Chicken Yam with Babycook Duo + Rice cooker (8 month+)


30g                                         millet

50g                                         chicken meat

20g                                         yam

20g                                         broccoli

10g                                         dried corn

60ml                                      chicken soup (homemade)



  1. Cook millet in Babycook Rice Cooker with 60ml of water, steam with level 3 water
  2. Add level 3 water to water tank
  3. Add chicken and yam to the steaming basket to steam
  4. After 6 mins, pause the steaming to add broccoli and continue steaming 
  5. When steaming finished, put all from basket into the mixing bowl
  6. Add steaming water to achieve desired texture
  7. Blend and pause, chicken mix is ready
  8. Add level 2 water to water tank
  9. Add millet and chicken soup in rice cooker to steam
  10. After steaming, blend it with chicken mix
  11. Pour soup and cooked millet onto plate, add chicken mix on top

Download this pdf recipe

Pictured Babycook Duo + Rice cooker

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