Tips for a Stress-Free Flight

With Hong Kong lifting all travel restrictions for arrivals into the city including ending 0+3 regime starting 14 December, residents will start planning for their holidays. How exciting! If you haven't flown in a while due to the pandemic, you might be excited, nervous or both. But honestly, traveling should be a breeze if you have the right documents, pack the right items, and arrive ahead of time. Make sure to read quarantine rules of your travel destination to avoid check-in delays!

Traveling with little ones? We've got tips for you!

Before flight

Pack essentials. Whether you're traveling to sunny Phuket or back home to snowy Canada, we have prepared a packing list especially curated for you.

Traveling with cloth diapers. There's no judgement here if you want to use a mixture of cloth nappies and disposables. GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper can be paired with their snap-in soaker pads, prefolds or eco-friendly disposable biosoakers, or even fitted diapers. If you want to use disposable nappies, we offer Bambo Nature Eco-Friendly Diaper, an eco-friendly option to help you make that choice to be eco-friendly even easier! Just make sure to pack 1 diaper for every 2-3 hours flight.

Organise and compartmentalise. Take the stress of travel by preparing all your little one's creature comforts and essentials (changing, feeding, toys, snacks and more) in Just Peachy Reusable Wet Bag Bundle or Beaba Sydney II Changing Bag so that they are always easily accessible.

Arrive early. Once packed and ready to go, make sure you arrive at the airport earlier than usual because there will be lots of families traveling for the first time in a long time.

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At the airport

Strollers and baby carriers. Having a stroller is great for carrying extras like your diaper bag but, it's a lot more to manage getting through security. Doona+ Infant Car Seat Stroller doubles as a car seat and stroller in one, making it the best choice for travel. If you only have one child, we recommend just using Ergobaby Carrier Omni 360 to get around the airport easily. It's breathable, lightweight and breastfeeding friendly.

Get snacks. Don't rely on a bag of peanuts on the plane. Stash healthy snacks for your little one so they won't get cranky. Pack grapes and berries in a Petit Tippi Silicone Foldable Snacks Cup or granola bars and sandwiches in a Yumbox Lunch Box.

Pack wipes. It's impossible to avoid sticky fingers, faces, and bottoms when traveling with kids. Bambo Nature 100% Biodegradable Wet Wipes are skin-friendly, moisturising cleaning wipes made from soft, sustainable, non-woven materials and can be used on the entire body. Place it inside Ben & Ellie Baby Refillable Wipes Case to protect and store your wet wipes.

Just Peachy Eye Mask

During flight

Extra clothes. Always bring extra clothes for you and your baby in case of any spills or accidents. Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag allows you to carry your wet and dry items in the same bag. Simply grab change of clothes from the dry compartment and store dirty ones in the wet compartment. Convenient, right?

Toys. Keep your little one entertained for the long flight. We recommend buying 1 and then bring 2-3 more toys so little ones won't get bored. They key is to bring something you know your child would love like JellyCat Bashful Bunny, Weego Crochet Rattle and Manhattan Toy Soft Book

Pacifiers and pacifier holder. If your little one uses pacifier, make sure you have extra pacifiers and a Petit Tippi Pacifier Clip. Pacifiers can easily disappear on the plane. Bibs Natural Rubber Pacifier comes in 2 pack and it glows in the dark.

Sleeping bag. Keep your little ones bedtime routine consistent. If your baby is used to wearing sleeping bag at night time, don't forget to pack Malabar Baby Sleeping Bag to help baby feel cozy and secure even on flights!

Eye mask. We want you to have a comfortable flight. You deserve a better sleep on long haul flights.


Bonus Tip!

Did you know that you can bring your own car seat on the plane or check it in for free? It is allowed for kids up to 4 years old! So you can rent a car overseas with your own car seat. Yay! Also, some strollers are allowed to be in the plane with you, but please make sure to double check with the airlines you're traveling with first.

Have a safe travels!

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