Petit Tippi Summer Baby Essentials

Shop all your essentials for you and your baby right here this summer! From swim diapers and swimwear, to sun protection and accessories to stay sylish, we've short-listed the must-haves for you at Petit Tippi!

Swim Diapers

Top Pick: AppleCheeks One-Size Adjustable Swim Diapers

Why We Love It: It's super lightweight, comfy material makes it super nice to wear, keeps poopy accidents out of pools, and also packs and dries easily! Fits nicely under swimsuits or the Happy Nappy as well

AppleCheeks Swim Diaper Petit Tippi HK

Swim Wear 

Top Pick: Folpetto Surfsuit for girls and Zip-Up Rash Guards for both boys & girls

Why We Love It: The new surfsuit is a winner, it's easy to see why it's been so popular already! It's stylish and provides full sun protection, with a wide opening up top for easy removal. The Zip-Up Rash Guards has been a long-time favorite for all boys and girls because the front-zip just makes it so easy to put on and take off. Folpetto is made of eco-friendly fabric using upcycled consumer plastics

Folpetto Ecofriendly Kids Swimwear


Top Pick: Key Sun Zinke Baby & Toddler SPF50+

Why We Love It: This Australian mineral-based sunscreen is safe for babies and those with sensitive skin. We love this one out of all the sunscreens we've tried because it rubs in easily for a mineral sunscreen (you know that streaky white residue I'm talking about!) and is unscented too. 

Key Sun Zinke Mineral Sunscreen for Babies HK

Mesh Baby Carriers

Top Pick: Tula Explore Coast Baby Carrier

Why We Love It: Tula is a staple parent favourite, not only for their gorgeous prints, but for their ergonomic design that allows for comfortable babywearing and protects your baby's spine and hips from newborn up. No need for extra infant inserts that will make your baby extra hot and sweaty - perfect airflow with this carrier! It's also much lighter than another fan favorite - Ergobaby's Omni 360

 Tula Explore Coast Baby Carrier Petit Tippi HK

Wet Bags

Top Pick: Planet Wise Wet/Dry Bag (Medium)

Why We Love It: This wet dry bag has the best leak-proof zipper system we've ever tried, and is just the right size for a couple new changes of outfits and fresh diapers. They're also great for swimming, with a wet pocket large enough to stuff in all your wet swim wear when you're done! 

 Planet Wise Wet Bags Petit Tippi HK

Bug Spray

Top Pick: Rid Australia Low Irritant Bug Repellent Pump Spray

Why We Love It: This bug spray is ideal for those situations where you need heavy-duty protection, but want something that's safe and gentle on little ones' skin

Rid Australia Bug Repellent Low Irritant Petit Tippi HK

Beach Fun

Top Pick: Petites Pommes Swim Float

Why We Love It: These swim floats for babies and toddlers is the ultimate beach accessory this year! Available in gorgeous new colors this season, everyone in the family will want one, including the grown ups! 

 Petite Pommes Swim Float Ring Petit Tippi HK

Diaper Bag

Top Pick: Beaba Wellington Changing Bag

Why We Love It: This new bag is so functional, you'll have no problem packing it full of beach essentials or a day of adventure! It even has a built-in wet compartment for wet clothes or swimmers.

 Beaba Wellington Changing Bag Petit Tippi HK

Water Bottle

Top Pick: Beaba Stainless Steel Thermal Straw Cup

Why We Love It: No better way to keep your baby's water, or even milk, cool while you're out and about! We've searched far and wide for a thermal cup that's a good size for babies. Beaba's thermal straw cup is designed to be ergonomic and looks great too! 

 Beaba Thermal Straw Cup Petit Tippi HK

Food-on-the-go Accessory

Top Pick: SoYoung No Sweat Ice Pack

Why We Love It: These new ice packs by your favorite lunchbox brand doesn't sweat so won't cause a leaky mess all over your bag. Keep your picnic basket cool with a couple of these ice bags, and then reuse them for packed lunches when the little ones are back-to-school!

SoYoung No Sweat Ice Packs Petit Tippi HK

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