Introducing Montessori Floor Bed


A Montessori floor bed is a bed that is within the child's reach and at their level, a bed on the floor! Having a Montessori floor bed is about giving your child power and initiative, about trusting them to make decisions, and to grow their own experiences.

What are the benefits?


A Montessori floor bed helps the child to learn to explore freely and fearlessly because they feel empowered and confident to act, and soon enough they get the courage to alter their environment however they want. This teaches them to notice their own sleep cues and boundaries as well as to develop self-control and decision-making. The children will grow up with the conviction that the world is safe place to explore and make discoveries. The children learn the attitudes and skills of the life-long learner early-on when they are deeply absorbed and never forgotten. 

When to start?

Most Montessorians recommend doing so between 5 and 10 months of age to start transitioning your child to a floor bed, when they start to sit up and move around on their own. However, there is no specific age for when to start the transitioning. Starting early has its advantages, but it can be challenging as well.

The advantages of starting right away are that you never have to buy a crib, and the child starts using the mind as early as possible. However, you will have to install a little rail around the floor bed or mattress till the child is capable of moving around on their own (around 6-8 months of age). If you decide to wait until the child is older than one-year-old, this is also okay, but you might want to do it gradually.

Some parents have found it better to start with naps on the floor bed first, then transition bit by bit into nighttime sleep.

If you wait until your child is older to transition to a floor bed, you might find them struggling a little bit to adjust for the first few days. However, very quickly you will find that they learn to establish and keep normal sleeping patterns.

Which brand to choose?

We highly recommend the Childhome brand started in 1985, which creates comfortable floor bed products. Childhome's baby and toddler items are available in more than 60 countries now. Childhome's success isn't only achieved by innovative, comfortable and safe products. It is passion that is the driving force behind. 

We hope you find the information useful for making a better decision for your children. Visit our Childhome collection to find more beautiful products for your lovely babies.