How To Dress Your Baby For Sleep All Year Round

Getting layering right could make a huge difference to your baby's comfort, which is particularly important for sound and long sleeps.


Living in tropical climates, we all have the tendency to dress our little ones at a minimum, sometimes nothing more than a diaper, but we often forget that newborns don't self-regulate their body temperature very well, so it's very important to dress them in breathable fabrics that will help prevent them from being too hot or too cold


ErgoPouch Newborn Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag


In our family, we use a ceiling fan at night during the summer and we continue to use a sleeping bag so that when winter comes along, your toddler won't refuse to wear a sleeping bag when it's cold. Blankets don't stay on for very long, so a good sleeping bag or sleep suit, if your toddler is walking, is a great option you want to be able to have! 


ErgoPouch Baby Winter Sleep Suit


Here is a handy temperature and tog guide from ErgoPouch that you can reference for dressing your baby to sleep all year round. Our trusted sleep training partners actually recommend that if your baby sleeps in an air-conditioned room, a 2.5tog sleeping bag that uses natural fibres (which prevents overheating, leading to sweating and discomfort) is a great option all year round.


Baby Sleep Temperature Tog Guide


Written by Vicki Chuard, Jan 27, 2020