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Are you starting to feel the cool breeze? Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures by themselves, so when the weather turns chilly, it's time to help babies cosy up! From creating a cosy kid's room to layering, fall into style and get ready for the colder weather.

NakedLab Organic Bamboo Silk Kids Bedding Set

Create a cosy space

Top Pick: NakedLab Organic Bamboo Silk Bedding Set

Why We Love It: Who doesn't like a comfy bedding? Silk bedding is great for cold months. Its natural properties help regulate body temperature, which means that if you are too cold during the night, your silk bedding will work as an insulator. Heard about winter germs? Silk bedding is naturally antibacterial - it's sterile and even repel dust mites.

Just Peachy Camisoles - Set of 2

Layering to stay warm

Top Pick: Just Peachy Feel Good Underwear

Why We love It: Just Peachy Feel Good Underwear are super soft and gentle on your little ones' skin making it perfect to layer under sweaters, jackets and even a sleeping bagIt's made with Lenzing® TENCEL™ Micro Modal, which provides warmth & insulation in the winter, and helps you feel cooler when it's hot out.

Beaba Air Purifier

Keep germs away

Top Pick: Beaba Air Purifier

Why We Love It: Speaking of winter germs - babies have not yet built up their immune system to fight all of these germs. Colds, coughs and runny noses are more common in the winter than in any other season. Having an air purifier limits allergies and eliminates odours. It guarantees a healthier atmosphere and comfort for baby, so you can rest and relax knowing your little one is safe.

Photo by: @camillecorlouer

Izipizi Sun Junior Glasses 5-10yo - #D Yellow HoneyYes, you still need sun protection

Top Picks: Key Sun Zinke Sunscreen Lotion & Izipizi Sunglasses 

Why We Love It: Sunscreen and sunglasses are not just for summer. Although UVB rays are less intense in the winter, they are present all year long. Sunscreen helps prevent skin cancers caused by exposure to the sun's harsh rays and sunglasses protects eyes from the sun, wind, dust and even snow.

All Things Jill Oh Baby! Body LotionAvoid dry winter skin 

Top Pick: All Things Jill Oh Baby! Body Lotion

Why We Love It: Aside from colds, coughs and runny noses, dry skin is also common when the weather turns chilly. Body lotion moisturises and soothes your little one’s delicate skin so it doesn't feel dry, tight and flaky. And yes, it’s great for adults with sensitive skin too!

Yumbox Zuppa Thermal Food Jar w/ Spoon Bijoux PurpleKeep food warm

Top Pick: Yumbox Zuppa Thermal Food Jar w/ Spoon

Why We Love It: There is nothing like a hot lunch during cold months and thermal food jar keeps food warm for up to 8 hours. Enjoy soups, pasta, stews and more everywhere you go.



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