Video: Cloth Diapering 101 IN FRENCH!

There is a lot of information on cloth diapering out there, but we've often found that it's less accessible in some communities or in some languages than others. We've seen a recent change of mindset and interest towards reusable diapers among French parents, both in HK and in France, which is not surprising considering they are inherently very caring and principled about matters of environmental protection and health. 

We've invited our resident expert and mama of 2, Alix Delahaye, whose parenting journey and tips you can follow on IG at @alix_momlife, to talk to our French friends about cloth diapering. From why do it to how and what brands she loves - this is a deep dive on everything you need to go to get started!

We hope you like this video and please do let us know your feedback! If anyone would like this information, or can offer their experiences and perspectives with cloth diapering, in another language - please do let us know!

Diapers featured in this (unsponsored) video

Just Peachy Best Pocket Cloth Diapers

GroVia Buttah AIO cloth diaper

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