3 Tips For New School Year Potty Training

Starting a new school year is both exciting and stressful - whether it's nursery, pre-school or kindergarten, your baby is growing up and it's an emotional time for everyone involved! You have their new school clothes ready, their new backpacks, stationery, school shoes, lunch boxes - and then you get to school and the teachers drop the bomb on you - if your little kiddo isn't potty trained already, they expect you to do it asap! Well, the good news is, summer time is the perfect time to give it a try!

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When will your baby be ready? 

It ranges for every child, some are able to hold their bladder and communicate their need to go to the potty (through gestures of course) before the age of 1yo, and others aren't ready to do it independently until around 3yo. It's a combination of physical, psychological and emotional development at play here, and it's something you have to take your baby's cue on to start, continue or stop potty training. Once they're potty trained during the day, it can still be a while until they're ready for nighttime potty training - just wait until they're dry when they wake up for a long period of time before you change to training pants at night, and then to undies

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Tip #1: 

Start early in the summer. Once it gets warm enough to be dressed minimally (to minimize the laundry of course), you can give it a try. Babies often regress with potty training in periods of changing environments or stress, and starting at a new school can feel that way for some, so it's best to give them enough time to adjust and be confident with communicating the need to, and using the potty.

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Tip #2:

If you try with training pants and it's just not working out, take an intermediate step and get Just Peachy's pull up cloth diapers. Your baby will have the chance to practice feeling the wetness once they wee, and can practice pulling this full-absorbency pull-up reusable diaper up and down themselves. Once they get the hang of that you can move onto training pants and just Just Peachy's diapers with both inserts that come included for overnight

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Tip #3: 

Some kids need to be reminded and asked constantly during potty training if they need to go to the toilet, but some kids are just not ready and if pushed too hard will become traumatized by it. If your little one is able to communicate, try to understand how they are feeling about it and have patience, and don't be afraid to take a step back and try again in a few weeks. It may just happen overnight! 

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