Christmas is just around the corner or if you're just like one of us who's friend or two just had a baby then you'll know the struggle of buying gifts! Finding the right gift is a struggle, even for parents. That is why we've compiled a guide for an ideal gifts for every age: from JellyCat Plush Toys to Zazu Night Lights



Most parents love to spend their time with their newborn baby. There are also times when parents feel exhausted. When mums are taking a nap or just a little break for themselves, Jellycat Bashful Unicorn can be your child's first friend. Plush toys provides comfort which helps babies reduce anxiety and fear. To stimulate babies senses, Heimess Elastic Touch Ring triggers babies grip reflex and transmit sensations which help your baby to discover their environment as well as eye-catching colours and a little bell to grab their attention.

From 6 Months

Around this time, babies may start to move around. To stimulate sensory abilities, inspire your little reader-to-be with this touch and feel Manhattan Toy Flutter by Birdie Soft Book. To help with their imagination, Green Toys Stacker develop hand-eye coordination and color recognition while having plenty of Good Green Fun.

From 12 Months

Just in time for baby's first birthday. Most babies around this age loves to play. Who doesn't? Bath time is a good time to play, encourage learning and build relationships. Green Toys Tugboat is great at floating and giving children hours of entertainment in water play. Babies might also take their first steps on their own or could even be walking by themselves. From its first steps to its first gears, Looping Scootizz 5 in 1 with Push Bar evolutionary driving machine will follow your child for many years. 

From 18 Months

Between 12-18 Months, toddlers become very busy learning and being curious about the world they live in. Janod Essentiel - Shape Sorter Box with Keys will keep your active toddler occupied by developing logic and fine motor skills through play. Toddlers will also be able to identify objects they often see at home. Plan Toys Assorted Vegetable Set is the perfect educational toy. They can learn about different foods while pretending to be a chef or a shopkeeper.

From 2 Years

At 2 Years Old, your little one is now talking, walking, jumping, climbing and their character starts to show. Parents should engage in play and conversations with their toddler. Plan Toys Vet Set will help your little veterinarians who need to do regular check ups on their toy animals. Janod DIY Fire Truck is perfect for your little builder. This wooden DIY kit comes in pieces which hones motor skills, coordination and problem solving skills.

From 3+ Years

Most 3 Year Olds are starting to be independent. They do not have a sense of time. For a young child, the day begins the moment they opens their eyes, which can be pretty early and tiring for parents. Zazu Pam Sleeptrainer teaches your child with visual indicators when to stay in bed and when it is okay to get up. If they are already sleep trained, Zazu Fin Reading Light is the perfect bedtime companion to read a little bit longer in bed.



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