Cloth Diaper Stripping

Are your cloth nappies starting to smell of ammonia or are you finding that they're not as absorbent as they once were? It's been raining cats and dogs in HK with humility closing in on 100%, so it's no wonder! The sun can do wonders for you cloth nappies, but what to do when Mr Sun is nowhere to be seen?

If you've been using you cloth nappies for a few months and you're experiencing some smells and leaks, they made need to be stripped. That means getting the detergent, creams, oils and other build up that might be accumulating on the surface of your nappies so that they can get a deep clean when they're washed and regain their absorbency.

In our Tips page we have some basic laundering tips including stripping, but we've recently come across an exciting new tip that doesn't require any products! Wait for it - Boiling!

Throw your inserts and flats in a large pot of boiling water, ideally a 4-5 at a time, and swish them around for around 10min. Pour out the water and repeat until you've boiled them all. 

Your diaper covers, on the other hand, usually come with a water resistant PUL cover that will melt in boiling water, so you'll want to give them a rinse through steaming water only, just before it starts to book. 

Once you've done that, throw them all in the washing machine for another cycle to get all the loosened grime out and they'll be good as new!

If you can, use a liner to help keep a barrier between your baby's bum and the diaper to keep them more absorbent longer. And when the sun comes back, give your diapers a dose of nature's best bleach and disinfectant!

See, we told you the Earth knew how to take care it's own! 


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